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septiembre 18, 2023
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Advantages Near Shoring

Nearshoring has actually been around for quite some time but in the last few years it has become much more important as a tool for businesses to tap into the best IT talent. I think it’s a good time to go over the basics of Nearshoring for companies who are still not leveraging this strategy but are interested in knowing more about it in order to start taking advantage of it.

In simple terms Nearshoring is all about working developing partnerships with companies in close proximity to the continental US to leverage amazing IT talent and saving some money at the same time. Companies in Mexico, such as Near Contact, will work with you to understand your requirements, develop a proposal and put candidates forward so you can pick. We will take care of all the legal requirements and make sure they have everything they need to work. Sounds great, right?

Let’s quickly review a few advantages of working with this model:

Geographic Proximity

The first advantage of nearshoring might be the most obvious: By being in close geographic proximity you can forget about having to wake up at 4 am in order to have a meeting with your team. Mexico’s territory has 4 time zones out of which 2 are shared with the US: Mountain and Central time. This is a huge advantage in general but even more important when you have teams working together both in Mexico and the US.

Another advantage brought by close proximity is that if you ever want to visit your team down in Mexico you can probably come and go the same day. Just catch a flight early in the morning, arrive to Mexico, have a few meetings (and maybe enjoy some great food) and you could be flying back the same evening.

Cultural Affinity

This aspect is often overlooked but it is actually very important for high performance teams to have cultural affinity. Luckily, Mexico and US have similar work ethics and values. Mexican talent will collaborate smoothly but will also challenge decisions and situations their expertise tells them could be improved (not yes men at all).

On top of that, American media is very popular in Mexico which helps people integrate better by sharing similar styles of humor and improved communication.

Great communication skills

Speaking of communication, it’s common for IT talent in Mexico to speak fluent English. English as a Second Language has been a part of Mexican’s education starting at elementary school for a long time. This is even more common for people working IT roles as they use those skills pretty often when consulting documentation and studying to obtain international IT certifications

Cost savings

Nearshoring can offer cost savings compared to hiring in-house teams. The lower costs of living as well as the opportunity to save on travel expenses can really make a difference when budgeting your project which can be translated into actual financial savings or a higher investment to build your projects faster. All this without compromising quality!

Multicultural teams

Often overlooked, the benefits of multicultural teams can impact your projects positively. Studies have shown that having diversity in your teams can yield better results by having a more varied input and ideas. Diverse teams are more likely to remain objective by making employees more aware of their own biases. That said, nearshoring can provide a better balance between cultural affinity and diversity, by having a multicultural team that is less likely to have differences in core values.

Overall Nearshoring can provide great benefits while keeping operations closer to your headquarters, it offers a great opportunity of collaboration and communication while also promoting diversity, cost savings and access to very skilled professionals.

At Near Contact we have been helping businesses leveraging this strategy for over 15 years, providing agility for our customers but also stability and the know-how that complex IT projects might require. Our offerings include both IT staffing to allow our customers a great deal of control as well as managed services for a more hands-off approach.

 Let’s schedule a quick meeting to talk about your organization’s needs and challenges and how Near Contact can help you achieving your goals.

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