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Why you need to know the difference between Nearshore and Offshore

Why you need to know the difference between Nearshore and Offshore Companies are constantly looking for the most cost-effective strategy to increase revenue while minimizing cost. In many organizations, these cost savings have come from outsourcing services that weren’t part of their primary service offering.  Organizations that chose to pursue this strategy looked at three […]

Beyond 2020: Ensuring “Agility Continuity” in Times of Crises

Beyond 2020: Ensuring “Agility Continuity” in Times of Crises The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has resulted in widespread economic turmoil with unprecedented side effects. When governments across the globe issued stay-at-home orders, companies scrambled to keep captive operations up and running. Overnight, poor internet connections, barking dogs, and curious children turned “business as usual” upside […]

Get the Dynamics 365 skills you need—on your doorstep

Get the Dynamics 365 skills you need—on your doorstep   With Dynamics 365 (D365) experts in high demand, customers, Microsoft partners, and Microsoft are competing for limited resources. As a result, securing the skills you need to meet the requirements of your clients can be a challenge. While hiring freelancers or going offshore to fill the gap may sound tempting, it often leads in underwhelming results, slipped schedules, and increased costs.    But the answer may be more straightforward and closer […]

Boost Your Dynamics 365 Revenue with a Flexible Resource Pool

Boost Your Dynamics 365 Revenue with a Flexible Resource Pool   Over the past decade, Dynamics 365 (D365) has evolved from a CRM and ERP solution for small to medium-sized businesses, to an enterprise product challenging brands such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and others. Encompassing cloud-based business applications for on-the-go sales teams and back-office workers, D365 improves lead tracking, automates financial operations, and optimizes business processes to boost sales and enhance marketing efforts. […]

Why is Mexico the best choice for collaborative IT sourcing?

Why is Mexico the best choice for collaborative IT sourcing? The concept of offshoring software development was initially associated with tapping large, well-stocked, and inexpensive talent pools in China, India, or Russia. However, the landscape has changed as business and IT executives focus on value rather than cost only. Agile best practices and CI/CD (continuous delivery/continuous integration) has changed the criteria for outsourcing software development, with talent, delivery process, and outcomes ranked higher than […]

Nearshore Digital Accelerators

Nearshore Digital Accelerators: An answer to the IT skills shortage?  In recent years, the rapid rise of elastic and on-demand models has rapidly changed the way enterprises consume IT services, fueling end-user expectations, and driving new business opportunities for service providers. As businesses embark on their digital transformation journey—becoming software- and data-driven—they require fast, easy access to a flexible pool of skilled resources that are easily managed and always available.   However, Forbes1 states that “we are in the midst of a talent drought […]