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noviembre 5, 2021
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Benefits of IT Staffing

Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for computer and information technology (IT) occupations will grow by 13% between 2020 to 2030. This figure represents the highest demand out of all industries. Given the hardships that the pandemic brought about, can companies afford cloud computing, big data, and information security jobs?

It’s time for organizations to consider nearshore staffing. It provides companies of all sizes and industries with an extensive range of benefits. This article will discuss this practice and why decision-makers should consider it to grow their businesses.

Outsourcing IT Workers

IT infrastructure plays a crucial role for businesses in the digital age. Unfortunately, some organizations lack experts and resources to achieve new heights. Below are some reasons why we highly recommend IT staffing for such companies.

Enjoy Flexible Staff Arrangements

For IT departments, hiring new staff poses many challenges, specifically with time and costs. However, through outsourcing, IT experts can integrate with critical tasks right away. Additionally, IT staffing enables firms to employ as many or few members for limited-time projects. This flexibility allows them to hire and train members without the need for massive investments.

Enhance Focus on Core Business

A company outsourcing IT workers does not always lack members in the department. Sometimes, these organizations hire additional workers to supplement weaker areas or assist with tedious projects such as cybersecurity monitoring or network improvements. By doing so, internal teams can focus their strengths on achieving organizational goals.

Boost New Hire Productivity

A reliable staffing company has access to a massive pool of qualified talent, reducing tedious tasks associated with the recruitment process. Even though new hires will still need training and company-specific learning, they won’t have to grasp concepts from scratch. With a strict employment process, companies can save tremendous amounts of time.

Reduce Hiring Risks

Leaving the hiring process to your internal HR team can lead to many wasted minutes interviewing individuals without the proper skills or training. If you need help finding talents who

fit your team perfectly, a reliable staffing company is ideal for you. We suggest looking for a partner that allows you to get in touch with capable personnel instantly.

What Is Nearshore Staffing?

Nearshore staffing refers to outsourcing services from neighboring countries instead of a firm’s own country. In most cases, corporations in the U.S. use these services to hire IT, software development, and call center workers. For organizations here, outsourcing nearshore means hiring staff from Mexico instead of a faraway place like India.

Advantages of Nearshore Staffing

Most of us know the term outsourcing because it’s been a favored business custom for the past few decades. However, it has a less popular subcategory: nearshore staffing. Below are some of the unique benefits this practice offers.

Lower Costs

The most significant reason why many organizations decide to use outside talent is to cut down on expenses. In most cases, hiring a contract worker is relatively cheaper than a full-time office employee.

If you work with a nearshore staffing company, you won’t have to worry about overhead expenses, retirement benefits, tax reporting, etc. There will also be no need for bigger office space, relocation, or insurance. The independent contractor usually handles such tasks.

Closer Proximity

Should organizations opt for IT staffing from nearby areas, their management can meet their teams regularly at more affordable prices. We recommend choosing nearshore locations close enough for a quick flight. This alternative will enable department heads to make adjustments whenever necessary.

Culture Familiarity

Company cultures can affect employee performance and motivation levels. Often, employees — even outsourced ones — work harder if they feel like they belong.

Firms that choose to outsource from faraway countries might come across unnecessary challenges because of cultural barriers. Individuals from nearby countries are likely familiar with American culture, and hiring them might prove to be a better option than hiring offshore employees.

Shared Time Zones

Can you imagine the struggle of holding team meetings with members from the other side of the world? It would be an inconvenience for local employees. If you choose IT staffing from nearby

areas, scheduling meetings, training, and tasks would be much easier because you can do them during regular business hours.

Better Communication

How Widely Spoken shares that roughly 4% of Mexicans — or about five million people — speak English fluently. Additionally, about 12% or 15 million people can converse in English. These numbers represent a massive potential workforce.

With a nearby English-speaking team, overseeing meetings, reports, and emails will be a cinch.

Streamlined Processes

Choosing an experienced nearshore staffing company can help you move forward with your business goals. It can guide your outsourced employees to adjust to your internal teams and processes quickly. With minimal distance, culture, and language barriers, you can propel your organization to new heights through IT staffing.

Hire Qualified IT Staff from Mexico Now

Outsourcing IT applicants from Mexico enables organizations to choose from a massive pool of English-speaking and highly qualified workers. In most cases, doing so can lower costs while offering better quality services.

At Near Contact, we solve complex business problems through innovative IT services and products. With our team on your side, not only can you hire the best talents from Mexico, but you can also opt for essential services like security monitoring, data storage, and new infrastructure.

Are you ready to enable your IT team to meet the ever-changing demands of your company? Get in touch with us now to find the best talents for your department.

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Specializing in digital transformation, software development, and mobile apps, Near Contact attracts and retains the top talent from across Mexico to support US enterprises and service providers. With over 20 years’ experience matching the right talent for each client and project, Near Contact’s flexible, hybrid outsourcing model offers fast access to a highly-skilled, scalable resource pool—delivering your project, your way.

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