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noviembre 4, 2022
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Features and Benefits

Are you in the market looking for a business management solution? It can be challenging, given the solutions available in the market. One of the solutions at your disposal is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Here is a look at the features and benefits.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 business central comes with rich features and is highly adaptable. Microsoft Dynamics offers all-in-one solutions to help you manage your business smoothly. Organizations can manage manufacturing, shipping, sales, services, projects and finance. Businesses can also add functionalities that are relevant to their operation. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 into the cloud, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a cloud solution. It is easy to use and can be deployed on the cloud. Business Central has three licensing options: Dynamics365 Business Central team member, Dynamics Business Central essentials and Dynamics 365 Business Central premium. The license you choose determines the features that you can access. However, the premium plan has more capabilities. Business Central allows businesses to turn multiple systems into one and boost automated tasks.


Here are the top features you’ll enjoy by using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based on the cloud and works seamlessly with other Dynamics 365 apps, Microsoft 365 (former Office 365), Power Platform (Microsoft Automate, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Virtual Agents, Microsoft Power Pages and Microsoft Power BI. It also integrates with Outlook and allows you to generate quotes and submit invoices. You can also use it with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Microsoft Office tools have been designed to improve business productivity.

Real-Time Reporting

It is crucial to have up-to-date data on your organization. Dynamics 365 has extensive reporting, including Microsoft Power BI, which provides analytical information.

Financial management

Business Central combines purchasing, sales, and accounting data for an accurate financial overview. It also streamlines processes like accounts payable and accounts receivable. You can use the platform to analyze data on multiple dimensions.

Data Security

If you are handling data, you will need a secure system. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers advanced privacy capabilities. It, therefore, allows users to classify data. You can also audit trails and use Microsoft automatic data center encryption.

Financial Visibility

You can make informed decisions with purchasing, sales, inventory, and customer transaction data. The cloud-based solution also allows you to streamline your financial data and get real-time data on how your business performs. You can also share information securely and get more control over your cash flows. The feature allows you to apply incoming payments related to customers, reconcile accounts, add tags to your entries, get recommendations on when to pay your vendors, and improve your organization’s ability to control budgets.


Here are the benefits you’ll get from using Dynamics 365Business Central in your business.

Reduced IT Costs

Whether you have a small or mid-sized business, you can manage your cash flows using Microsoft Dynamics and keep the costs low. The monthly subscription means you will not deal with costly upfront payments and have predictable expenses. Microsoft Business Central eliminates the need for specialized IT staff, administration, servers, and other expenses. You can also get started using Business Central in no time.

Automate Business Processes

You can improve productivity in your business with audit trials, create workflows, and enterprise-level security features.

Centralized Repository of Data

Business Central consolidates business data into one source that can be shared with all departments. Therefore, your data will be safe in a centralized place and always be updated in real time. Your team can use the same data since it is shared throughout the company. You can also make better decisions using the linked accounting, finance, inventory, buying and sales data.

It Allows for Seamless Integration

Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with other business applications, such as Office 365. It also integrates with Microsoft Power BI dashboards. You can download extensions to personalize your solution.

Flexible and Easy to Scale

One of the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics is its flexibility. You can run your business anywhere, regardless of device and location. Flexibility is important, especially due to remote work being the new normal.

It is also easily scalable and allows you to grow easily as your business expands. You can scale up or down according to your organization’s operational needs. You will not purchase any expensive upgrades; the cloud service provider allows you to manage all data from one platform. With the cloud, you can free up resources and grow your business effectively.

It Simplifies Project Management

Project management is one of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can manage, create, and track your projects using advanced job costing timesheets and reporting capabilities. It also allows you to manage your resource levels. You’ll get real-time insights on your project status.

Data Security and Compliance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers business with enterprise-level security. It has inbuilt features that ensure your data is securely stored. You can also use additional features such as authentication, authorization, auditing, and data encryption to keep your application secure. It also has features that ensure your business is compliant. Dynamics 365 allows you to customize your settings to comply with local regulations, especially if you conduct your business internationally.

Faster Implementations

Organizations can use the system with other solutions to accomplish their objectives without extensive modifications.

Warehouse and Supply Chain Management

Dynamics has robust supply chain and warehouse features. You can automate your purchase orders by using predictive stock replenishment. There are also templates to identify the optimum arrangement of goods in the warehouse. Fulfill your orders in real-time to get recommendations on how to speed up your shipments.


If you are considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business, you’ll enjoy the above features and benefits. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a robust cloud-based solution that offers numerous benefits from future mobility, reduced costs, scalability, and seamless integration. It is the right choice when looking for an all-in-one solution to run your business from any location. Now that you know what you stand to benefit from the solution, you should not waste any time. Our team of experts has Microsoft Dynamics 365 skills and will help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Services.

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