Near Contact. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Abroad, Worth it?

abril 9, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Abroad, Worth it?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications offer an integrated solution so companies can connect all their activities from Marketing and Sales to Finance and Operations.  

One of the main advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that is a flexible solution, a set of tools that allows organizations to select the right applications taking into account their current requirements and in certain cases, specific configurations and adapting the solution is necessary according to their changing needs.

The question is: who has the skills to carry out an implementation or tasks related to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft has a number of certified Partners who have the knowledge and the experience to do Dynamics 365 implementations or other related work like support, migrations from older versions, custom development in the applications, among others. 

So, organizations that want to implement Dynamics 365, in some way, have greater confidence in hiring the services of any of these partners, having the certainty that the results will be successful. 

This confidence is equally important when a partner needs help and ask for it to another Microsoft Partner; they can be sure the work will be done correctly. There are partners all around the world, including Mexico.

So, what are the advantages of working with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner from Mexico? 

Mexico as any other country, has qualified people in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in its different modules. At Near Contact we understand the importance of having a high skilled team; we have access to such resources with 40+ certified Consultants and Developers in different practices like Dynamics AX, from version 4.0 to AX2012 R3, Dynamics 365 F&O (Finance, SCM), Agile Methodologies (LCS, Scrum), among others. Along with skill comes experience; they have participated in domestic and global implementations, support, training, custom development and a number of project specific requirements like localizations. Also, we take special care for our resources to be bilingual, in order that all these tasks can be done in Spanish or English, depending on the needs. So, what are the advantages of working with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner from Mexico? Besides the knowledge, experience and reliability, is the value offer, our cost per hour is significantly better than those found in the US, so this is a really good advantage because organizations can have a greater revenue. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Collaborative Implementation Projects

Focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation projects, Near Contact can be of assistance in all project phases: Presale, Analysis, Design, Configuration and Development, Data Migration, User Training and Testing, Go-Live and Support, as we can provide resources with the expertise required to face the different requirements. Allow Near Contact to be your Microsoft Partner extending your workforce in a big way.

For more information on how Near Contact can help you access the pool of IT skills you need, email us at 

About Near Contact  

Specializing in digital transformation, software development, and mobile apps, Near Contact attracts and retains the top talent from across Mexico to support US enterprises and service providers. With over 20 years’ experience matching the right talent for each client and project, Near Contact’s flexible, hybrid outsourcing model offers fast access to a highly-skilled, scalable resource pool—delivering your project, your way.

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