Power BI

Service for data analysis that allows business decision making.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a service for data analysis that enables fast, informed and reliable business decision making, through datasets, reports and dashboards with integrated security.

Microsoft Power BI brings together a set of software services, applications, and connectors that, when works together, enable you to turn your unrelated data sources into interactive, coherent, and visually immersive insights.

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Data is only as good as its capacity to be analyzed, interpreted, and shared in practical ways with users who require it.

Why keep this data?

Customer and worker information, organizational metrics and objectives, sales and purchasing; and other relevant data can be visualized in real time through dashboards for a few reasons like these:

  • Immediately access information essential for decision making
  • Monitor the most important information of the organization
  • Ensure that those involved in certain issues use the same information
  • Monitor the stage of a business, product, marketing campaign, etc
  • Create a custom view with all the important metrics
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Benefits of Microsoft Power BI:


Reduce costs and security risks with a scalable analytics platform.


Unification of tools for data analysis with native artificial intelligence and pre-designed and customizable connectors.


Turn data into competitive advantage by connecting, combining, and analyzing data from across your organization.


Provide users with the ability to connect queries, data models, and reports to gather, analyze, and share information.

Data Security

Power BI has the global infrastructure that serves the world's most demanding organizations:

  • Data privacy labels in Power BI with Microsoft Information Protection in Microsoft 365.
  • Management mechanisms and protection against loss of Power BI user data with Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • Compliance of regulatory and privacy requirements by monitoring sensitive information through Bring Your Own Key (BYOK).
  • Data protection using Power BI security with service tags, Azure Private Link, and Virtual Network.

Microsoft Azure and Power BI

Gain a competitive advantage by using Azure and Power BI together to analyze, connect, and combine your data. Providing a single version of data to your organization enables IT professionals, business analysts, and data scientists to collaborate seamlessly.

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Power BI experts

At Northware we have certified Power BI consultants. This allows us to identify and solve the needs of organizations, creating solutions with Power Platform that solve business problems that increase productivity and security.

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Get the most out of Power BI in your organization by integrating with other innovative Microsoft Power Platform solutions

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