Why Mexico?

Why Mexico?

Nearcontact’s corporate offices and main delivery centers are in Nuevo Leon, a state in the northeast region of Mexico that shares its northern border with Texas. The state is known to be an important industrial, intellectual, and financial center in Mexico contributing with 8% of the country’s GDP, second only to Mexico City’s metropolitan area. With a long tradition of entrepreneurship, Nuevo Leon’s thriving economy is a popular destination for foreign investment and immigration.


Nearshore outsourcing in Mexico goes beyond proximity and time zone convenience. Other elements factor into making it an ideal destination for expanding your operational capabilities:

Huge talent pool

Nuevo Leon holds the second largest metropolitan population in the country, second only to the country’s capital Mexico City, with almost 6 million people. Some of the best universities in Latin America are in Monterrey, including Monterrey Institute of Technology, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon and University of Monterrey.

Over 3,000 students obtain their IT related degree yearly in Nuevo Leon, providing a healthy talent pool that is constantly growing. Nuevo Leon is also a popular immigration destination for Mexicans from other states who come looking for work opportunities.

Near Contact. Huge talent pool

Cultural Affinity

Mexico is home to the largest American community in the world due in part to the weather but also because of cultural affinity. Just the same, Mexicans grow up experiencing extensive contact with American culture being indirectly through pop culture, sports and hobbies or directly by travelling making the US the number one destination for Mexicans travel abroad.

This cultural affinity translates in higher empathy when helping customers but also higher integration with multicultural teams for better collaboration and better understanding of your company’s values and objectives.

Near Contact. Cultural Affinity

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